Serial sex attacker grabbed woman at bus stop and said “you know you want it”


A serial sex attacker who grabbed a woman at a bus stop telling her ‘you’re not going anywhere’ has been locked up for more than four years.

Wearing an orange high-vis jacket, Abdul Yusuf, 31, grabbed a woman by the wrists without any warning in north London on June 27.

The victim said Yusuf kept squeezing her wrist and was staring straight into her eyes smiling and said “you know you want it” before sexually assaulting her.

She managed to break away and got onto the rear doors of the bus.

Yusuf then walked to the middle doors of the bus where another woman was waiting.

He went up behind her and sexually assaulted her before boarded the back doors and sitting opposite the first victim.

The second victim then confronted Yusuf on the bus but he slapped her on the face, police said.

This prompted her to start recording which made Yusuf gather his shopping ready to leave the bus.

Paranoid the first victim was also filming, Yusuf tried to grab her phone and lashed out intimating that he was going to punch her.

Yusuf pushed the initial victim onto her back on the floor, holding her down with the palm of his hand on her chest for a few seconds, before repeatedly punching her to the face.

The woman said she struggled to breathe as he was holding her so hard.

She managed to get up and tried to get away but Yusuf bit her right shoulder blade for three or four seconds, causing her to scream out in pain.

Yusuf punched her once more before getting off the bus.

The second victim provided phone recordings of the incident and also a Snapchat video that she was sent from an unknown person, which showed a man getting arrested, who matched the description of the person that assaulted her on the bus.

A manhunt was then launched for Yusuf. While this was underway, a DNA hit found that he was a suspect for a sexual assault, robbery and fraud that happened on July 4, 2020 against a third woman.

Yusuf had befriended the woman before pushing her to the floor and sexually assaulting her, biting her in the process.

He took her phone and bank card and attempted to bought two items in a nearby shop.

Yusuf was arrested in Cornwall on July 18 last year.

A judge said: “‘[The 4 July complainant] has described the effect of the crime on her, particularly of her phone containing photos of a young child which are lost now for good.

“She finds herself trusting no one, fearing to go out in public, worried about the consequences of the bite on her health.

“You claim to have no recollection of the first incident and you seek to excuse it by saying you were drunk, you claimed you were shocked to discover it, and in any event would not seriously harm either of them.

“In your defence at the trial in response to the sexual assault and robbery put forward that some other person had assaulted and robbed her, coincidentally that you took her bank card having no idea she had been robbed.

“That was manifest nonsense that the jury had no difficulty in dismissing.’

“He pleaded guilty to the fraud matters before the trial, however he pleaded not guilty to the sexual assault, assault and robbery of the third victim.”

On Thursday, January 14, following a three-day trial, Yusuf was found guilty unanimously by a jury.

He was sentenced on Thursday for the assault and sexual assault of three women in North London.

Yusuf, of no fixed address, was sentenced to four years and four months’ imprisonment and a further four years on license at Wood Green Crown Court for three counts of sexual assault, two counts of assault occasioning actual bodily harm, one count of common assault, one count of robbery and two counts of fraud.

Judge Joanna Greenberg QC said: “You have an appalling record and I agree with the opinion of the probation officer, of a predatory sexual behaviour and a high level of aggression and a history of violence towards women, particularly when they resist you.

“It demonstrates that you act recklessly and present a risk later, and you lack insight into your behaviour.

“Your cannabis use and drinking may well have been the disinhibitor but is aggravating given circumstances of this case.”

Making a ruling that Yusuf is legally ‘dangerous’ she said: “You have a fundamentally high risk of offending and a very high risk of sexual reoffending.

“Past attempts of rehabilitation within the criminal justice system have been a failure.

“The public need extra protection from you.

“There are no mitigating features in my view.”